Board of Stuttgart Cricket Eagles e

Board of Stuttgart Cricket Eagles e.V.


Responsible person








Adnan Sadeque

Pforzheimer Str. 16

71229 Leonberg

0176 1038 7007


  • Legally responsible for the club
  • First contact person for any kind of communication, internal and external
  • Communication to DCB, BWCV
  • Supervising the board, assigning tasks and check regular updates
  • Responsible for all club related regulations
  • Organization of AGM together with the Secretary
  • Cricket development in Stuttgart
  • Moderation of the group email, Facebook group




Vice President


Karim Arain

Hanflaender str 18

70569 Stuttgart

0171 1602385


  • Responsible for all the tasks that the President is supposed to do in his absence
  • Cricket Kits together with Sports secretary
  • Club Website
  • Club Jersey
  • Handling and regulating disciplinary issues along with President and Treasury
  • Trainer pool






Thusitha Parakrama

Fohrenbühl Str. 25

70569 Stuttgart

0176 2319 3542


  • Financial bookkeeping
  • Financial regulations, like travel to away games
  • Sponsors
  • Club Budget
  • Organisation of Travelling
  • Match Fee collection






Mehadi Aman

Allmandring 3F,Zimmer 232

70569 Stuttgart

0176 38826662


  • Membership registration, database, membership form.
  • Organization of Board meetings, accumulation of Meeting Agenda from different members, moderation of the Board meetings.
  • Keeping Meeting minutes of Board and publish them on time.
  • Organization of all club activities (except sports activity). Cricket Fair, Internal Training or workshops
  • Logistic support





Sports Secretary


Sreedhar Mahadevan


70569 Stuttgart



  • Organization of all sports activities. League games, practice sessions or friendly games. Invitation, communication and execution.
  • Organization of local tournaments
  • Organization of Trainers and coach
  • Proposing and defining regulations for all sports activity
  • Responsible for the maintenance of all sports equipments and ground
  • Organisation of the SCE Team



Umpiring Commissioner


Md. Sakhawath Hossain

70569 Stuttgart



  • Organization of Umpiring for all internal and external sports activity
  • Organization of Umpiring trainings and workshops
  • First contact person for cricket laws
  • Umpiring pool














Nilesh Tambe


  • Organization of Youth Team (Nilesh Tambe)
  • Development of Youth Cricket in Stuttgart
  • Organization of all Youth Cricket related tasks, fairs and so on.
  • Organisation of SCE Youth Team
  • Training and Practice sessions for Youth cricketers
  • Contact with the local schools
  • Contact to DCB and BWCV Youth cricket development
  • Contact to city Stuttgart for Youth Cricket Development
  • Contact to University of Stuttgart
  • Team representative will further define responsibilities and tasks distribution inside the youth team
  • Youth Tournament, Travelling
  • Youth Trainer pool
  • Finance Youth Team
  • Budget and Sponsoring for Youth Team
  • Special Cricket Kits for Kids U6
  • Professional kits for U18 Team


Press Secretary


Faishal Talukder


  • Advertisement, Publication
  • Looking for Sponsorships
  • Communication to local press, newspaper



Women Secretary


Dulane Pereira

Fohrenbühl Str. 25

70569 Stuttgart


  • Organization of Women Team
  • Development of Women Cricket in Stuttgart
  • Organization of all Women Cricket related tasks, fairs and so on.
  • Organisation of Women Training







Muhammad Barkatullah


Sreedhar Mahadevan





  • All cricket activities in University Stuttgart
  • Organizing cricket tournament
  • Promoting cricket






Harun Ar Rashid

Schwerzstr. 2/411

70599 Stuttgart

0176 31200459



  • All cricket activities in University Hohenheim
  • Organizing cricket tournament
  • Promoting cricket


Regulations for selecting the Best 11 for league matches

Selection of the best 11 for league match consists of the following procedure:

  1. Selection committee consists of the all board members who are full and active players, Captain, Vice captain, Standby Captain and Coach. The Youth team has 1 vote. The selectors must be present on the practice sessions on a regular basis, that implies at least once per week.
  2. Before every match there will be a Facebook event put up by the President or Sports Secretary to allow each member to submit their availability for that particular match. This event must be put well ahead of the match, at least 1 week before.
  3. Every member of the selection committee shall send his best 13 players and send the list to the Board (If possible to the President directly per Email) 3 working days before the game. If the game is on Sunday, the deadline is in this case Tuesday 10pm. The selectors should consider only those players who have offered their availability on the Event page.
  4. For every Sunday match, the deadline for the Selection committee is Tuesday. If the list comes later, it won’t be considered for that match.
  5. The President or Sports Secretary shall announce the best 12/13 players (depending on the lists sent by the selection committee) before Thursday 6 pm.
  6. Every player is responsible for his participation in the league match. If something goes wrong and the selected player is not able to participate in a match the player must immediately inform the President and/or the Sports secretary. The deadline to cancel out the participation in a league match is Friday 6 pm. After this deadline the player must pay his match fee and board may consider further actions. The cancellation may be sent per post or Email or by calling the responsible person. No SMS!
  7. The captain and the vice captain shall declare the final 11 on the ground before the toss. All the selected 12/13 players shall be prepared to travel to the ground irrespective of his place in the best 11.
  8. The 12th and 13th man shall get match fee refunded.
  9. For away matches, please select at least 3 drivers having cars.
  • Summary of deadlines:
    • Event on Facebook: one week before the match and players sign themselves in.
    • Tuesday 10pm: Each member of selection committee sends his best 13 players.
    • Thursday 6pm: Best 13 players declared by President/Sports Secretary.
    • Friday 6pm: deadline for selected players to sign off without paying the match fee.
    • Sunday: Before toss: the best 11 is declared by the Captain on the ground.
Responsibilities of coaching staff

On 19.6.2011, the SCE Board decided that its Coaching Staff shall hereon include two members. The following are the relevant regulations and roles.

  1. The staff shall comprise of a Coach and an Assistant Coach

  2. Both the Coaches have to attend all the scheduled training sessions. 
  3. In an exceptional case of his absence, the person must inform the Captain and the SCE Board beforehand. In case both the Coach and the Assistant  
     Coach are absent, the Captain shall act as the replacement.
  4. During the practice sessions, the Coaches shall be the persons-in-charge on the field.
  5. They must inform the Sports Secretariat of the equipment they intend to employ during the practice drill, ahead of time, so that necessary
      arrangements can be made.

  6. The Coaching staff has voting rights in the weekly team selection and would serve the role of one selector, i.e. they should send one set of Best 13 to
      the Board as per regulations.

  7. It is advised that they maintain regular correspondence with the Captain and the Vice-Captain, to discuss individual players' progress.
  8. They should keep track of the disciplinary aspect of the Team, and report any player who is not adhering to the instructions and good spirit of the
      game. Any disciplinary action suggested by the Coaches would be considered by the SCE Board.

  9. The Coaches must provide one merit list at the end of each month indicating the Best 3 performers in the practice sessions. This list shall be based
      on the players’ attendance and performance in the practice drills. The merit list would be announced publicly at the end of each month and the
      selectors would be urged to take note of these players.

 10. The Coaching Staff is encouraged to accompany the Team(s) to all games (home/away), even if they themselves are not in the Best 13. In case there 
      are two T20 teams playing on the same day, the Coaches reserve the right to choose the game to attend. They however, shall not interfere with the
      decisions of the Captain/Vice-Captain during any game, unless consulted.

 11. The tenure of appointment is half-a-season, followed by a re-evaluation by the SCE Board. 

 12. The Coaching Staff is answerable to the SCE Board.


 Stuttgart Cricket Eagles e.V. Board and its engagements


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