Youth Cricket Training in Stuttgart

Stuttgart Cricket Eagles e.V. (SCE) is organizing the youth cricket training  Every Sunday from 11:00-13:00 at the University of Stuttgart in Vaihingen. More than one dedicated trainers from SCE are present for training cricket to the children. The training is totally free of cost for the SCE youth members. However, new comers are also welcome with the payment of 1€/hour (optional for the first day).

SCE is offering Kwik-Cricket Training for the beginners.
Kwik Cricket is a simple softball game for all boys and girls aged of 5 years and upwards. The emphasis is on participation and enjoyment while learning the basic athletic skills of running, jumping, balancing, throwing, striking, concentrating, etc.

Lesson contents following one by one...
- Introduction to the game of cricket
- Introduction to the basic kits of cricket
- How to hold a bat and how to bat
- How to deliver a ball
- How to take a catch
- Introduction to the dismissals (outs)
- Introduction to the runs (boundaries, extras)
- Introduction to ground and pitch
- Introduction to the umpires and the signals
- Introduction to the professional kits and matches

Young promising cricket lovers are welcome to learn cricket as a fun.

For more information, please contact 

Minhaz Dipon (0176 6125 7277,

For more photos of kids having fun with cricket:

Stuttgart Cricket Eagles Youth Training Ground  

University of Stuttgart in Vaihingen

Pfaffenwaldring 11, 70569 Stuttgart  


Gymnasium Korntal rocked with 3 days Cricket Workshop

A three days cricket workshop, organized by the Stuttgart Cricket Eagles e.V. and the Korntal Gymnasium, duly funded by DCB, was held from 18th to 20th of July at the school premise. Nilesh Tambe, youth secretary and co-trainer of Stuttgart Cricket Eagles e.V. led the 15 hours training that has seen 27 school kids experienced cricket for the first time.


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