The first meeting of Youth Promotion Team of the SCE has been successfully taken place on the 15th March 2011 at Pfaffenwaldring 44d in Stuttgart. Here is a summary of the first Youth Promotion Team meeting 

The meeting was held to form the layout of the youth promotion of SCE and to set the duties and roles of the youth promotion. The discussion involved categorising the things to be done into a set of tasks. These set of tasks were further assigned to certain board members who would be responsible for its implementation. A team of other members would also be assisting on the works related to performing these tasks. In addition, volunteers are welcome to help out in any task in which they fit to contribute. 

The members of the youth team are Vincent, Shawon, Dipon and Rama. Further members of SCE Board are can be in Organization of youth promotion.

The set of tasks which were decided are:


This task involves the regulation for the Training and it should be documented. which states about regulation of the youth team, setting up of protocol for the training, what are the regulation for the trainer, how the training session is carried out and how to organize the training. This regulation also include the financing for the youth promotion of SCE.

Main tasks of regulation:

Responsible is Dipon

Sub task of regulation:

Responsible for training Regulation: Vincent, Adnan and Dipon

Responsible for Financing regulation: Dipon and Adnan

Responsible for Trainer Regulation: Shawon

Responsible for presentation of the game: Shoaib


Training task has an internal task, which is training the kids in SCE Grounds and has an external task, which involves the promoting the cricket in schools and taking out to its widest.

In this task also decided to give workshop for the trainer and they will be certified by SCE.

Responsible for Training and workshop: Shawon and Dipon
Internal task: Rama and Adnan
External Task: Vincent, Dipon and Adnan

Equipment Manager
This task involves the management of the training requirement such as kits, ground, first aid and communication. The regulation for this task have to be defined and documented.

Responsible for this task: Rama and Shawon


This task involves the cost of ground, trainer, training hall in winter and the equipment.

Trainer Pool:

This task contain the set of members who are assigned as trainer. The trainer will be payed for each training session in near future and they are supposed to abide in the agreement of the SCE and should professionally execute their job.

This task is opened for trainer, agreed members are welcomed to join in this pool.

Already in this pool: Rama, Dipon and adnan.

Volunteers are welcomed to help in the above tasks and to bring up the youth promotion of SCE.Volunteers so far: Shoaib

The members involved with each task must ensure the implementation of these tasks at the earliest.