We are organizing a cricket workshop at a secondary school in Korntal and would like to ask our members and coaches who are prepared to provide training in schools.

The Gymnasium has project days from 18-20 July and would like to be able to offer "cricket in English". The pupils are aged between 11-16 (5.-10. Klasse), though an age restriction can be set. There is a tartan athletics field and/or grass playing fields available. Ideally, the school would like the workshop to be put on for the three days with the same pupils every day.

Payment for the Trainer would be 35-40 Euro per day (approximately 8 am-13 pm, 8 Euro per hour). Trainer should have sound cricket knowledge, good English communication skill and good motivation to work with young people.

Please submit your application as trainer asap to stuttgart.eagles @ gmail.com. We need at least 2 Trainers.